Made of solid oak unstained and sanded to its natural finish.


Our Handcrafted turned shave set is made in the USA. 

We hand-turn each piece so that each set is unique.

Clear coated in polyurethane to seal and protect it. 


Set included Razor, Stand & Shave Brush. 

Available in either synthetic or Natural Badger Hair in a 20mm knot.

Hair Knot Type & Quality

*Synthetic knots are made with nylon and are extremely soft and plush.  Synthetic knots have below average water retention but don't smell like many real hair knots.


*Badger hair knots are sorted based on relative quality.  

*Pure - Hair taken from 65% of the animal, mainly from the underside. Hair is darker in color, courser, and ideal for exfoliation.

Mixed - Combination of Pure badger hair and boar hair.

Super - Higher grade badger hair taken from roughly 25% of the animal.  Super knots perform almost as well as Silvertip and have soft tips.

Silvertip - Hair taken from approximately 3-5% of the animal, near the muzzle and neck.  Hair has very good backbone and soft tips.  Silvertip is highly sought after in the shaving community and generally commands higher prices.  Our unbleached Silvertip knots have off-white tips.


Oak Wood Shave Set

Razor Head
  • We want you to love your new products as much as we do. 

    If for any reason your not 100% satisfied please contact us so that we can make it right.

    We will gladly replace or repair your Shave Brush within 30 days of delivery for any defects in workmanship.

  • Stand is Approximately 6 1/2" H by 4 1/2" W

    Razor Accepts Gilette Mach 3 razor heads, one head included.

    Fusion option works with most Gillette Fusion heads

    DE razor works with all Double Edged Razor Blades. 1 5 pack of blades included

    Brush is approx 3 1/2" H by 1 1/2" W

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