Handcrafted Shave Brush is made from Natural  Bloodwood. Undyed and in its natural state, it is a beautiful deep red colored wood.


Hand turned, sanded and polished then clearcoated in polycrylic for a long lasting finish. 


Fitted with a 20 mm Badger Knot of your choice.

Badger hair knots are sorted based on relative quality.  Here is a list of names, from lowest to highest quality.

Synthetic: Made from synthetic materials to mimic the Badger hair knot. 

Pure - Hair taken from 65% of the animal, mainly from the underside. Hair is darker in color, courser, and ideal for exfoliation.

Mixed - Combination of Pure badger hair and boar hair.

Super - Higher grade badger hair taken from roughly 25% of the animal.  Super knots perform almost as well as Silvertip and have soft tips.





Bloodwood Shave Brush

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